This blog offers an exceptional discovery analizis the layers of our planet from the Earth's crust to the depths of hot mantle into the secret core of the planet. Also offers a look at what man kind will probably never reach, the more alien and hostile to the rocks, lava, and minerals below the earth's crust. While the crust is approximately 20 to 30 km deep in most places, humans have never traveled further, even so, research continues to prove impossible.
We can say that the interior of the Earth has many aspects that makes it a unique theme.

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miércoles, 19 de octubre de 2011

Why is the Earth so Special?

Earth is a very special planet.
First of all, There is LIFE. It has Liquid water,Plate tectonics,and an atmosphere that shelters us from the worst of the suns rays. But many scientists agree that the most special feature is "us". "So far we haven't found it anywhere else" says Alex Wolszczan, from the Pennsylvania State University, who discovered the first planets in beyond our Solar Systems. He agreed that life was Earths single most impressive characteristic. The Earth is Just right, it has a perfect balance of everything to keep us all alive and breathing.Air, water, plants, everything.
Earth is just, wonderful, and we should all keep it clean and help save this outstanding Planet.

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